Thendara has continued to bring pleasure
and joy to owners and guests
for seventy years.
THENDARA'S comforts & accessories

Thendara's full-width main saloon features a large central skylight, beamed deckheads, mahogany paneling and original fittings dating from a bygone era of opulence and grandeur. This, coupled with authentic Edwardian-style furnishings, means stepping into the saloon feels like stepping back in time. But don't be fooled by her old-fashioned feel; her interior combines the best of both worlds; a genuine 1930's ambiance with all the contemporary comforts. Air conditioning, generators, watermakers, and modern electrical and plumbing systems are all carefully concealed so as not to spoil the period charm, along with the state of the art engine controls, navigation and communication instruments.

Meanwhile a modern forty horsepower rigid-inflatable tender offers fast ship-to-shore commuting and water sports. Or if you prefer a slower pace, a classic sailing skiff is also available, to further hone your nautical skills and experience the delights of sailing the old way.